Soluterials - Save and innovate

he new aluminium material

Sustainable, innovative, high-performance & pure.

Reduces EU's dependance from foreign resources &

is the real base for decarbonization.

Because materials matter!

Save and innovate

Unleashing the full power of industry, using our unique material that increases efficiency, reduces effort, integrates easily, enables entirely new innovations, and actively combats climate change while strengthening local supply chains.

SoluteriAl is the new and
sustainable aluminium
for out of the box thinking.

The solution for the needs of industry

Physical products need to be more sustainable, as they have a great importance and impact on the ecological footprint.

Whereas in the past only properties such as strength, corrosion resistance or conductivity were relevant, today aluminium materials must also comply with EU Green Deal requirements (e.g. »Fit for 55«). The CO2 footprint as well as recyclability are moving more into focus. The local availability of the resource is also a decisive factor.

This is where we come in!

We offer our innovative nanostructured aluminium material SoluteriAL (patent protection is pending), which meets the existing needs of the industry:

  • Climate change and the corresponding regulations
  • Resource availability
  • Reduction of production waste
  • Energy efficiency requirements
  • Increased productivity efficiency
  • Restrictions in product design and innovations prevented by them

SoluteriAL is the material solution for their needs. It changes the boundaries of metallic material solutions. Its property profile and thus its infinite application possibilities make it a true multifunctional material. We thus enable our customers to achieve dimensionally stable and lightweight designs for ambitious technical ideas and all the necessary engineering and prototyping capabilities.

Our innovation

SoluteriAL, developed by Soluterials, represents a paradigm shift in material innovation. Unlike incremental improvements on existing materials, such as new alloys, SoluteriAL introduces an entirely novel approach. The breakthrough lies in its additive-free composition, offering wide-ranging impacts on daily life. By eliminating the need for alloying elements or rare earth additives, SoluteriAL addresses issues associated with deep mining, preserving the natural habitats of humans and animals. Moreover, it significantly reduces the EU's dependency on imports, aligning seamlessly with EU goals. The subsequent CO2 savings extend not only to the material itself but also to the improved existing components and unprecedented innovations made possible by this revolutionary material.

The new state-of-the-art material

SoluteriAL is a ground-breaking aluminium product that is both pure and high-performance. The unique combination of elevated strength (up to 400MPA), high conductivity, corrosion resistance, high-temperature tolerance (up to 550°C), and, for the first time, creep-resistant aluminium sets SoluteriAL apart. Conventional aluminium alloys can usually only be optimised for one of these aspects. The figure shows the advantages of SoluteriAL in direct comparison with a number of relevant and commonly used aluminium alloys.

SoluteriAL is primarily sourced from aluminium scrap, utilizing a purely mechanical process that avoids energy-intensive melting, without the incorporation of alloying elements or critical foreign materials.
SoluteriAL pushes the boundaries of metallic materials, introducing a new realm of possibilities. It is 100% recyclable without quality loss (no downcycling).

Versatility in perfection

In the world of materials, different materials are typically used depending on the specific requirements: Copper for conductivity, stainless steel for strength, and aluminium (alloys) for lightness.

But what if all these requirements need to be met?

Welcome to SoluteriAL!

Our revolutionary material offers exactly the answer:

Strength: With a strength of up to 400 MPa, SoluteriAL is up against the best in the league.
Conductivity: SoluteriAL offers electrical and thermal conductivity on a par with pure aluminium, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.
Corrosion resistance: At the level of pure aluminium, SoluteriAL offers high corrosion resistance, ensuring its longevity and reliability.
Temperature resistance: With an impressive temperature resistance of up to 550°C and creep resistance, SoluteriAL proves itself even under extreme conditions.

Discover the versatility and performance of SoluteriAL and let us convince you of its numerous advantages.

SoluteriAL hits industry goals

Decoupled material design

  • All properties combined in one material

  • No more compromise in product properties

  • Reduces expenses, such as thermal post-treatment and thus money (TCO) and CO2

Entire product range fully recyclable

  • Free from separation --> pure aluminum stays pure aluminum

  • No downcycling

One step process generates  target properties

  • Low energy & CO2  production process
  • Achievement of target properties straightforward in production
  • No thermal and/or mechanical post-treatment necessary
  • Non challenging production due to a MELTING FREE one step-process
  • Use of pioneering production technology


  • Free of magnesium, rare earths, nanoparticles or nanotubes

  • Non harmful to health and environment

  • »REACH« and »RoHS« compliant

Meet our founders


Dr. Alla Kasakewitsch


Dr. Ing. Powder Metallurgy & Composites

M: ‭+49 155 66 35 76 59‬


Christina Walch



Dipl. Kffr. : Marketing, Production & Environmental Mgmt.

M: +49 155 66 35 76 58


Uwe Arlic



M. Sc.: Materials Engineering

M: +49 155 66 35 76 60